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// What exactly is aging & how can it effect our skin?? \\

We've touched briefly on some of these topics on our instagram nourish_skin_and_body

But today we wanted to get more specific on aging itself.

When we talk about "anti aging" it can be quite confusing because it's such a broad term. And for each of us the focus needs to be slightly different, based on our environment, the skin type, ie combination, oily or dehydrated and what is happening for us internally. There are quite a number of key contributors involved & today we'll start by breaking a few of those down.



▪︎Pollution- 🚗🌬

▪︎Free Radical damage- Now this is a major one!

Free radical damage occurs all day every day, it does not take a rest. Free radicals can cause inflammation in the skin therefore have the potential to trigger pigmentation. They also disrupt the bodies processes to produce collagen. Which in turn speeds up the bodies natural break down of collagen 😱

SOLUTION- Eat plenty of foods rich in antioxidants on a daily basis 🍓🍇🥑

& use topical Antioxidant serums & moiturisers. Vitamin C is a sensation choice because it has very high amounts of antioxidants & comes in either oil or water soluble forms so with the correct choice it's suitable for all skin types

"fun fact" our bodies DO NOT make Vitamin C 🍊

▪︎ UVA/UVB damage- UVA rays penetrate deeper than UVB. They are responsible for causing damage to skin cells and breaking down our all important collagen & elastin, this in turn leads to fine lines & wrinkles.

SOLUTION- Daily use of Sunscreen, you must reapply during the day when outside because you typically only get 2-3 hours protection. Hat 👒 Use nightly Vitamin A serum for DNA repair & cell renewal. Antioxidant & pigment inhibitor ingredients found in cosmeceutical ranges.



▪︎Poor diet- lack of foods containing rich amounts of antioxidants, omega fatty acids, fiber, good fats & complex carbs 🍓🥗

▪︎ Not consuming enough H20 💦 this one is often not given enough credit. Yet with reaching daily recommendations (or close) it has been widely proven to improve mind, body & skin health. Great example of this which I'm sure we can ALL relate to. Big night out, you look in the mirror the next morning & what do you see? Dehydrated wrinkly eyes looking straight back at you 👀 the skin has been zapped of hydrated, plump skin.

SOLUTION- Drink plenty of H2o- for a little more excitement add a squeeze of 🍋

Herbal teas are a great option also

▪︎STRESS- We know stress has a direct effect on the skin & body as a whole in numerous ways. Something commonly spoken about is Cortisol which is a stress hormone that has been shown to directly effect the oil glands causing excessive oil & breakouts in some skins. Stress can impact your sleep quality, in turn not getting enough sleep stops your body from regenerating all it's systems as effectively as it needs.

SOLUTIONS- Taking time out, exercise, yoga, meditation, reading. Anything really that gets you back to feeling more relaxed 🙏


If this is something you've found interesting and it's sparked an interest or you'd like a tailored solution for your skincare routine or you simply want to know more you can shoot us an email or text/call Jodie 0402-842-174 and we'll get in touch with you to arrange a complimentary phone consultation.

Hope you have enjoyed X

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