Spray Tan

FULL BODY 8 hr                  | $47

FULL BODY RAPID 90min      | $52


We use Tuscan spray tan. A product that offers world exclusive colour technology, actually mimicking naturally tanned skin tones with 100% accuracy. Tuscan eliminates the orange undertones commonly associated with fake tans. So you will never have to fear a terrible tan again, this is one you can trust.




Ph Balanced body wash | $24.95

A must have to ensure your skin is prepped well, eliminating any chance of oils within some body washes blocking the tans absorption. Using post tan will give your golden glow the longevity it deserves.  

Tan Extender Moisturiser | $24.95

A moisturiser that not only hydrates, but gives your skin a healthy tanned glow. keeping you beautifully bronzed all year long.