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​Pure Fiji- body Product Collection

Pure Fiji have created a gorgeous, complete range of award winning body products that include body butter, lotions, oils and sugar rubs to name a few. Using both organic and botanical ingredients such as the blend of nut oils which have been wildcrafted . This reduces the requirement for energy dependent irrigation and fertilization methods thus limiting the carbon impact. Wildcrafting is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or "wild" habitat, It applies to uncultivated plants wherever they may be found in the rainforest or along coral beaches.
Pure Fiji are acutely aware of their carbon footprint and the need to utilise Fiji's environmental resources appropriately and sustainably. Every effort is used to minimise and where appropriate, enhance Fiji's unique ecosystem.
The result of such passion and dedication has resulted in bringing a divine collection of body care products right to your fingertips. A tropical holiday in a bottle.

When you're next in clinic simply ask to try one of our famous body butters or oil!

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