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Skin Needling


Using the world’s leading needling device, the revolutionary Dermapen, our skin needling treatments are designed to create micro channels within the skin, therefore stimulating the body's natural repair, renewal and healing process. Growth factors are released to help build new collagen and increase collage production, leaving the skin’s appearance visibly refined, resurfaced and rejuvenated.

Dermapen treats a number of concerns including ageing, scars, enlarged pores, vertical lip lines, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.


Individual prices listed. When purchasing a course or treating multiple areas the individual price will decrease.

Packages are available for 4, 6 or 8 treatments. We recommend purchasing in packages, as the cost of each treatment is reduced and you will receive a complimentary homecare kit to enhance your results.

If you combine 2 or more areas we will create a package which allows you to save even more! Please discuss your options with your Nourish Advanced Skin therapist to find out more.

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